Orchid® Graphic Editor

Photo-realistic Virtual Panels

Orchid® Graphic Editor (Orchid® GE) is L3 MAPPS' development tool for the creation, modification, and testing of sophisticated real-time graphical displays. Using a true world coordinate system and an advanced tiling and layering scheme, Orchid® GE is capable of creating dynamic virtual panel displays and active schematics used to provide a useful and interactive instructor and/or student simulator interface.

Orchid® GE produces vector-graphics displays that can be magnified without loss of resolution. The graphical displays support full pan and zoom navigation using mouse or keyboard, making Orchid® GE a powerful application for simulation purposes.

Through a simple graphical user interface, Orchid® GE provides access to complete libraries of objects for panel displays and learner-oriented plant system schematics. Each library object is embedded with dynamic functionality accurately reproducing the real device behaviours. Library objects are even equipped with shadows and real-time trend lines, ensuring a truly realistic reproduction of panel displays.

Virtual panels can be easily created by dragging and dropping these objects onto a canvas. Orchid® GE is also unique in featuring a single-world approach to panel graphics, where all panels are laid side by side in a single graphic instead of being separated into segregated panel portions. This allows users to pan across several panels or to zoom into a section across adjoining panels.

Designed specifically for application in training simulators, the virtual panel displays can show additional information, visible only to the simulation instructor (instructor mode) to provide better feedback and control, while the same information is suppressed from the student or operators (operator mode) to prevent negative training from occurring.

Orchid GE Screenshot


  • Object-oriented design & development
  • Pre-programmed dynamic behaviors
  • Extensive panel instrument libraries
  • Debugging, test, and validation capacity
  • Drag-and-drop capability
  • Pan and zoom navigation schematics
  • Supports single-world graphics (no breakdown of graphics into sections)


  • No graphical build step required
  • Changes can be made and tested on the fly
  • Photo-realistic soft panels
  • No loss of resolution at any magnification


Naval vessel control systems, land-based and on-board simulators and turnkey training solutions.


Real-time power plant simulators and simulator modernization for all plant types and CANDU plant computer systems.


Real-time simulators for robotic systems and satellites to support simulation-based design and operations / maintenance training.