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Latitude Embodies the Very Meaning of the Word Itself: Scope for Freedom of Action or Thought.

Our corporate culture is unique, and focused toward fostering creativity and flexibility. From the very start, Latitude has made a commitment to a very flat and non-hierarchical work structure. Senior Engineers, programmers, technicians, machinists and interns all work closely together in a highly egalitarian atmosphere. Emphasis is placed on encouraging employees to develop competencies and experience in a wide variety of the tasks and skills that go into making and flying a UAS. This enables Latitude to be extremely flexible in its approach. Employees with various educations, backgrounds and skill-sets work together co-operatively which fosters an approach that is both highly creative and highly efficient. For the client, this approach has the advantage of enabling flexible and rapid customization of our products and services and the ability to face and meet challenges by choosing from a variety of different strategies.

Our expertise covers the entire product life cycle for Unmanned Aerial Systems.

Latitude has built its business around the integration, service, operation, and support of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) both domestically and internationally. We bring together engineering know‐how, design excellence and practical field experience to help customers get the most out of their UAS. Our nimble, tight‐knit engineering team has close to 40 years collective experience in unmanned aviation.

Latitude has extensive experience in the integration of autopilots, cameras, sensors and custom software into unmanned aerial platforms, including fixed‐wing aircraft, rotor‐wing aircraft and aerostats. We are a leading edge technology integrator and developer for UAS. Latitude is also a prime training conduit for the operation and integration of UAS. Our background gives us an edge in providing relevant, accurate and expedited training curriculums. Our experience makes us adept at selecting candidates who demonstrate aptitude for becoming successful UAS operators.

We offer a wide variety of products to support UAS and extend our customers’ capabilities. Multiple custom one‐off and limited‐run products have been developed to suit our customers’ specific applications. Products we have developed include laser altimeters, touchdown sensors, anti‐lock braking systems, custom airframes, launchers, ground stations and tracking antennas. Latitude also provides a range of software services for custom Ground Control Station applications and plug‐ins as well as develops and maintains custom autopilot firmware.

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