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L3 FOS Company Profile

L3 FOS specializes in the development and production of fuzing and safe, arming devices as well as the manufacture and integration of ordnance systems for air-dropped, tube-launched, missile and rocket-driven devices, and infantry-employed ordnance products for the U.S. military and our international allies.

L3 FOS is a full-service fuzing & ordnance company with a core philosophy of continuous improvement and the proven ability to design, develop, test, and produce products that meet or exceed our customer’s requirements.

L3 FOS, a wholly owned subsidiary of L3 Technologies, combines expertise in both fuzing and ordnance systems under a single senior management team to facilitate rapid response to the warfighter’s requirements, while providing a broader range of solutions to both government and prime contractor customers.

Today, L3 FOS is at the leading-edge-of the rapidly evolving world of defense industry products. We proudly serve the needs of our nation's military, while applying our technological expertise to the manufacture of superior products. Our capabilities are unsurpassed in the area of applying advanced technology to manufacturing processes.  

Our history is built on precision and reliability. Our future will be built on providing quality solutions that deliver positive results for our customers.