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AUSA 2018
L3 Displays Widow® Mission Execution Software at the 2018 AUSA Expo – TacAir Selects Innovative ISR System for the F-5 Aircraft
Farnborough International Air Show 2018
L3 Unveils Commercial ISR Mission Execution Software at the Farnborough International Airshow
SOFIC 2018



Widow is mission execution software that provides a common operating picture by intelligently combining video feeds, imagery, geospatial data, and maps with tools to allow operators to maximize mission focus. Its modular and scalable design enables users to tailor their user interfaces for various mission and system demands. Widow provides up to eight displays, all contained in one simple and intuitive layout. Standard features and available plug-in options increase an operator’s situational awareness while improving task efficiency.

ForceX provides three Widow hardware packages that scale to mission requirements. Widow Silver is a semi-rugged, dockable laptop configuration to meet limited aircraft space requirements. Widow Gold is a semi-rugged mission computer that enables multiple user workstations. Widow Platinum is a fully ruggedized DO-160 configuration designed for the most demanding operating environments.

Core Software Features
The core feature set in Widow is common across the three hardware packages. The standard capabilities include a configurable display of maps, imagery, charts, EO/IR data, and other mission management tools. Widow is designed to optimize its core features with multiple hardware configurations to meet the demand of the user’s mission requirements. A customizable USB hand controller provides intuitive control of various payloads; this allows the user to operate multiple systems at once such as EO/IR, moving map and radar.

Available Plug-In Options
Optional plug-ins enable Widow to be customized for specific user requirements. These include the ability to access video recording functions, system interfaces such as EO/IR sensors, radars, radios, Helmet Mounted Cueing Systems (HMCS), Heads Up Displays (HUD), Special Intelligence Payloads, video recorders and others. In addition, ForceX provides options for tailored warranties, support, and training.

Available Options

  Sensor Interfaces (EO/IR, Radar, etc.) System Interfaces (Radio, Special Intelligence Payloads, etc.)
  Video Recording Additional Imagery, Map Data and Charts
  Extended Warranty Training
  Installation Support Customized Configurations Available

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