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Technology Integrations

L3 ForceX is skilled at rapidly integrating new hardware and developing and integrating powerfully advanced algorithms into our software applications. Examples include:

  • Surveillance Sensors
    • WESCAM, Raytheon, FLIR, Lockheed Martin

  • Advanced Mission Systems
    • Tactical Fighter Jet Mission Computers and Software
    • Heads-Up Display Symbol Generators

  • Communications Systems
    • Harris, Raytheon and Rockwell Collins tactical radios
    • Link 16 and Situational Awareness Data Link (SADL)
    • Full-Motion Video (FMV Downlinks)

  • L3/Harris/BMS
    • Satellite KuSS, Ka, Iridium and others

  • Security and Certifications
    • Joint Interoperability and Test Command (JITC)
    • Information Assuredness (IA)

  • Advanced Algorithms
    • Threat Detection
    • Video Motion Target Indication
    • Video Stabilization and Optimization