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The history of L3 ForceX parallels the history and development of advanced Situational Awareness (SA) and Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR).

The name “ForceX” comes from the term Force Multiplier, which refers to a factor (ForceX mission management software) that dramatically increases – hence "multiplies"– the effectiveness of an item or group.

ForceX was founded in 2004 by a veteran of the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment known as the “Night Stalkers.” Seeking to modernize and eliminate the deficiencies of available mission planning systems, the company looked to graphic-intense gaming software to develop an initial ‘core’ engine to process complex maps. This multithreaded, multiview-enabled engine, now known as AGAME (advanced geospatial application media engine), fuses real-time information into maps and video allowing exact target locations to be shared seamlessly between flight and ground crews. This software development kit is one of many tools L3 ForceX can leverage to provide cutting-edge, high-performance solutions.

ForceX became part of L3 Technologies, Inc. in 2015.