L-3 Flight International is an aviation services company, focused on special mission flight-testing, threat-simulation and training operations. as well as offering a variety of aircraft component overhaul and repair services,including 20,000-hour Service Life Extensions for Learjets.
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L-3 Flight International, Newport News, Virginia

L-3 Communications Flight International Aviation LLC (L-3 Flight International) is an aviation services company headquartered in Newport News, Virginia.

An FAA Licensed Part 135 Air Carrier, L-3 Flight International has operated jet, propjet, and various light aircraft with over 70 million miles experience.  In terms of both number of aircraft and number of annual flight hours, the company is a world leader in Learjet operations.  The company's principal business is providing commercial air services to various governmental agencies, aerospace companies, and other commercial clients.

Other business segments include an authorized FAA Repair Station specializing in service and modification of Learjet aircraft, including 20,000-hour flight control service life extension.

The operations of L-3 Flight International are geographically diverse, with operating elements located throughout the United States.  Our flight operations have spanned the globe.  A large fleet of aircraft and an experienced staff serve our clientele throughout the world.