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Installation of 38 ft. (11.6 m) ESSCO sandwich radome for Satellite Receiving Station, University of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada.
Starting assembly of 38 ft. dia sandwich radome on ground Close view of assembling first course of panels in radome Second row of sandwich panels being installed Nearing completion of radome panel assembly Lifting an upper radome panel into place View of crane being used to lift panels into place & assembled radome to top of tower
38 ft. dia radome undergoing water tests Lifting completed radome into place on radome tower Completed 38 ft. dia ESSCO sandwich radome Photos courtesy of Iunctus Geomatics Corp / University of Lethbridge
Installation of 68 ft. (20.7 m) metal space frame radome with Gore-Tex™ membranes at Kwajalein Missile Range, Kwajalein Atoll.
Changing panels on lower portion
of 22-year-old radome
Assembled top cap of new 68 ft. (20.7 m) dia radome with Gore-Tex™ panels Lifting top cap of new 68 ft. (20.7 m) dome
in place; removal of existing 22-year-old
radome cap (at right) already completed
Top section of M68 radome in place and ready to be secured Water test being performed on completed M68 radome  
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