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CC008 Supply & Service Subcontract T&Cs
CC009  Subcontract Supplement 1 (FAR)
CC010 Subcontract Supplement 2 (DFARS)
TC03 Request for Quotation Terms and Conditions
Archived Forms

TC03 - Request for Quotation Terms and Conditions
Rev. 1, 11/06
You are invited to submit quotations on the following items subject to factors checked and delivery information given. Quotations shall remain in effect 60 days unless otherwise noted. Prices shall include all charges for packing and shipping to the F.O.B. point. L3Harris EDD expressly reserves the right to (a) consider quotations or modifications thereof received after the due date should such action be in the interest of L3Harris EDD or its customers, (b) make an award without written or oral discussion with any Offeror, and answer or reject any or all quotations at its own discretion. All prices offered shall be firm fixed prices.  When the Offeror proposes using Government-owned facilities on a no-charge-for-use basis, the Offeror shall provide (a) their location, (b) the governing Accountability Contract(s), and (c) the name of the Government agency administering such contract(s). The Offeror shall certify that such Accountability Contract(s) authorizes such no-charge use and either that the Administrative Contracting Officer (ACO) approval therefore is not required. In addition, to ensure compliance with FAR 45.402 and 45.404, the Offeror shall submit a separate quotation based upon payment of rental to the Government for the use of such facilities. If no offer is made, the Offeror is to enter “no offer” in the price column, sign below, and return with all attachments within five (5) days. If Offeror desires to submit any data which is not to be disclosed to the general public or used for any purpose other than quotation evaluation, such data shall be marked in accordance with FAR 52.215-12. If these items should be ordered from you, it is understood that the purchase order shall be subject to L3Harris Communications Corporation General Terms and Conditions and all applicable Attachments incorporated into this RFQ. If this RFQ requires the Offeror to quote varying quantities for an item, L3Harris EDD reserves the right to divide its requirements for this item among more than one Offeror. Offer must sign and return this RFQ as acknowledgement and acceptance of the terms & conditions herein.