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Supplier Quality Manual PO-0190 California Law entitled Transparency in the Supply Chains Act of 2010

Supplier Deviation Process

In the event an out of tolerance or other nonconformance issue is noted by a supplier, L3 Electron Devices may review the material for consideration if a Supplier Deviation noticed is submitted prior to shipment. Deviations cannot be considered after the product has been received. In the event a Supplier Deviation is approved, the Supplier will not be scored with a nonconformance for that delivery. The Supplier Deviation form should be completed and emailed to the applicable buyer for immediate consideration.

In addition, Suppliers are encouraged to contact their buyer in the event a delivery may be late at the earliest opportunity so a reschedule may be considered based on L3 Electron Devices product needs.  A Supplier Deviation form is not required for this inquiry.

Fabrication Standards Revision Status


Document Name



PM – 0106 Fabrication and Inspection Standard K 07/09/13
PM – 0101 Approved Coolants, Lubricants and Solvents for Parts Fabrication M 04/15/16
SCS – 0001 Oxygen-Free Electronic Copper (OFE Copper) K 04/17/17
SCS – 0018 Glass Sealing Alloys F 07/28/03
SCS – 0034 Specification for the Preparation and Painting of Parts and Assemblies F 07/17/15
SCS – 0071 Specification for Electronic Deposited Copper on Iron C 01/21/03
SCS – 0072 Specification for Electro Deposited Silver Plating D 05/28/08
SCS – 0073 Specification for Electro Deposited Gold Plating D 06/27/06
SCS – 0074 Specification for Anodized Aluminum B 01/21/03
SCS – 0075 Specification for Chromate Conversion D 04/29/14
SCS – 0076 Specification for Nickel Plating G 06/02/13
SCS – 0077 Specification for Electro less Ni-Phos-Plating on Aluminum Alloys C 11/10/05
SCS – 0082 Specifications for Age Harden of BeCu Alloys A 01/21/03
SCS – 0092 Procedure for Requirements for Suppliers of Custom Fabricated Parts D 09/16/14
SCS – 1518 Specification for Metalized & Plated Alumina and Beryllia Ceramics R 01/12/12
SCS – 1527 Source Selection and Control of Raw Materials AJ 09/21/16
SCS – 1528 Raw Material Specifications for Ceramic Bodies K 11/19/13
SCS – 1529 Requirements for the Fabrication of Formed and Blanked Metal Parts F 08/14/15
SCS – 1644 Specification for Polyurethane or Epoxy painted parts and Assemblies D 02/03/16

Inspection Data Submission
The following Quality Code in the Supplier Quality Manual PO-0190 require submission of Inspection and/or Test data with product delivery:

  • QA Code “J”  100% Final Inspection required with data – All parts must be inspected to the applicable dimensions on the print; in the event nothing is specified, all dimensions should be verified. Actual values should be recorded on the inspection report for all items.  Serialization or correlation with specific parts, unless otherwise stated, is not required.

  • Quality Code “T”  Test Acceptance data required – Test data must be provided for all parts unless otherwise specified on product drawings or Source Control Drawings (SCDs)

  • Quality Code “D”  Inspection Acceptance Data required – Inspection data (actual values) must be provided for parts inspected through supplier’s Final Acceptance process. In the event, sampling is utilized it must meet the minimum requirement noted in PO-0190.  Data is provided for those items/dimensions verified by supplier (based on their process)

Electronic data submission is encouraged – email data to Mike.McAlister@L3T.com – note:  include “EDATA” in the subject line to assure your submission is routed correctly.

AS9102 First Article References

Key Points: 

  • AS9102 will be invoked through Purchase Order Requirements or through Supplier Quality Manual QA Code – “G”

  • First Article should be performed on the first production lot

  • Any change to process or materials, requires notification to L3 EDD purchasing and a “delta” or partial first article report (or new AS9102 FAI report) – these changes include:

    • Change in design – form, fit or function

    • Change in manufacturing source or factory location or other process change that can impact form, fit or function

    • NC program changes that could potentially affect form, fit or function

  • First Article Reports once submitted are valid for the same Part Number/Revision but must be repeated/resubmitted if there has been a lapse in production of 2 years or more.