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Coupled Cavity
Millimeter Wave
Traveling Wave Tubes (TWTs)

L3 EDD has delivered more than 4,700 space TWTs to customers worldwide. Our space-qualified TWTs products range from L-Band to V-Band with output powers from .5 to more than 250 Watts. In the Defense market, L3 EDD has delivered over 20,000 TWTs and is recognized as the leading supplier of high-power Coupled Cavity TWTs over the frequency range from C-Band to Q-Band and millimeter wave helix TWTs for SATCOM radar and instrumentation applications. All modern designs incorporate this unparalleled experience, ensuring high reliability and optimized performance in harsh environments.

A traveling wave tube (TWT) is an electron device used for radio-frequency amplification at microwave frequencies (above 500 MHz) and is the primary means of signal amplification utilized in communication satellites. TWTs are also used for ground broadcast stations, guidance systems and military aircraft radar. TWTs convert DC power to radio-frequency power by synchronizing the radio-frequency wave with an electron beam traveling in a vacuum.

If you listen to XM satellite radio, pay for gasoline with a credit card, watch DIRECTV (R) satellite television programming, make long-distance telephone calls, or watch TV broadcasts from other parts of the world (e.g., live sports events or news), our TWT products helped make that possible!

Modern TWTs In Orbit:  > 3350 (> 130 million hours,  Spot FIT Rate:  < 150)

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