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L3 EDD has provided satellite communication solutions for over 50 years in support of commercial, civil & military satellite missions. L3 EDD has been recognized as the industry's leading manufacturer of TWTs, EPCs and TWTAs, We have delivered thousands of TWTs and TWTAs to customers worldwide. Our products range from UHF-Band to V-Band and modern designs incorporate this unparalleled experience, ensuring high reliability and optimized performance. With hardware on more than 180 satellites, over 450 million TWT operating hours in orbit, and more than 142 million EPC/TWTA operating hours in orbit, L3 EDD's product lines have a proven history of high reliability. With L3 EDD hardware on the majority of the world's commercial geosynchronous communications satellites, the cumulative operating hours continue to rise while the observed failure rate decreases as modern designs replace those from past generations.