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Scientific — Linear Accelerators

L3 EDD has a long history supporting scientific, medical and industrial accelerator applications. L3 offers a wide variety of devices for linacs, including IOTs, Electron Emitters (E-guns), Klystrons, Magnetrons, and Thyratrons.

  • Inductive Output Tubes – L3 EDD produces a line of IOT amplifiers for linac applications. In addition L3 EDD has introduced a Multi-Beam IOT.

  • Electronic Emitters (E-Guns) – L3 EDD provides a variety of Electron Guns for use in industrial and research applications.

  • Klystrons – L3 EDD is a leader in medium/high-power Klystrons used for weather radar, scientific research, and air traffic control applications.

  • †Magnetrons – L3 EDD has a wide selection of Magnetrons for use in industrial, medical, defense, and scientific applications, including industrial heating, radiotherapy, radar and cargo scanning. Ranges are from L- to Ka-Bands.

  • Thyratrons - L3 EDD produces a broad line of metal-ceramic hydrogen Thyratrons that are capable of switching voltages up to 100 kV and currents up to 20,000 amps. The tubes are used for a variety of applications, including radars, particle accelerators, broadcast transmitters, medical and industrial lasers.†
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