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Electronic Power Conditioners (EPCs)
Electronic Power Conditioners Overview

L3's Electronic Power Conditioner (EPC) transforms the regulated or unregulated satellite bus voltage into the high voltages required for a specific TWT, and provides power to the associated LCAMP as required. L3 EDD’s heritage for commercial space TWTAs began in 1973. Since then we have designed, produced and delivered numerous different EPC models covering TWTA output power levels ranging from 2 watts to over 300 watts, and frequency Bands from L-Band to V-Band.

All L3 EDD EPC models incorporate the same basic circuit topology and mechanical configuration. They differ only to accommodate unique program requirements, such as magnitude of power processing, bus interface, commands, telemetry and auxiliary supplies. The basic design is a modular concept allowing interchange of the basic elements (low- and high-voltage) with minimal impact. This approach is proven out by our excellent EPC reliability, discussed below.

Modern L3 EPCs (the 2000Hx, 2300Hx and 2400Hx/2410Hx series) have accumulated over 100 million operating hours in orbit with a FIT rate of less than 100 (spot FITs). Our reliability record validates our conservative design philosophy, particularly with regard to high-voltage design criteria.

Model Single / Dual Reg / Unreg Bus Voltage Max DC Power Handling Approx. Efficiency Mass Range Shipped In Orbit
2000Hx Single Regulated 36 - 100 V 300 W 94% 1080 to 1360 g 2,682 2,214
2300Hx Single Unregulated 21 - 46 V 300 W 94% 1080 to 1360 g 161 40
2400Hx Dual Regulated 36 - 100 V 550 W 94% 1720 to 1850 g 1,320 1,132
TOTAL 4,163 3,386

Modern L3 EDD EPCs In Orbit:  > 3300
(> 140 million hours,  Spot FIT Rate:  < 150)

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