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L3 Electron Devices manufactures the L-4945A thyratron for installation in broadcast transmitters. Designed to be equivalent to the E2V CX 2708, the L-4945A offers broadcasters a reliable and economic alternative for performing crowbar operations in IOT transmitters.

Electron Devices has been synonymous with the design and production of microwave devices - magnetrons, klystrons, traveling wave tubes for military and commercial customers worldwide. In addition L3 has also developed a fine reputation for producing an extensive line of ceramic/metal thyratrons. Customers from the laser and scientific markets, as well as the medical and industrial sectors have been using L3 Electron Device thyratrons for over 15 years. These devices are produced using rigorous military standards such as MIL-I 45208 and MIL-Q-9858A assuring unequaled reliability and long-lasting performance.

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