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Constant Efficiency Amplifier (CEA)

The CEA 130T is a high-efficiency tube and circuit assembly capable of operating in the UHF-TV frequency range of 470-810 MHz. The amplifier is designed for digital transmitters requiring up to 30 kW average/130 KW peak output power in 8VSB or COFDM digital service. The system is composed of a magnet cart, input and output tuning assemblies and a CEA 130 MSDC IOT. The output cavities include arc detectors that interface to all OEM transmitters.  Coolant lines have quick-disconnect fittings that are compatible with the Comark Paragon Transmitter.  The CEA collector is oil cooled.

L3’s CEA 130 uses the same proven gun structure as the IOTD-130 which can provide average life-times in excess of 100,000 hours. A five-stage depressed collector replaces the standard single stage collector of an IOT to achieve high efficiencies in digital service.  Efficiencies greater than 55% have been demonstrated at various power levels with both 8VSB and COFDM modulation schemes.  This increase in efficiency means an immediate reduction in operating power consumed compared to traditional IOTs and a $20,000 savings per tube in average electricity costs per year.

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