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November 1, 2017
L3 Electron Devices Introduces New 1.2-Megawatt RF Power Amplifier
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Sept. 15, 2017
L3 EDD Wins Tech Ex 2017 Award
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Powering Microwave Systems into the Future
L3 Electron Devices is a leading worldwide supplier of microwave vacuum electron devices and related products. Our ISO-9001 certified facilities in San Carlos and Torrance, CA and Williamsport, PA, produce a wide variety of products for the defense, industrial, medical, broadcast, test, and scientific markets, including Microwave Power Modules (MPMs), TWTs, magnetrons, klystrons, thyratrons, Crossed-Field Amplifiers (CFAs), electron emitters, Inductive Output Tubes (IOTs), and Constant Efficiency Amplifiers (CEAs).