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About Us
Vision & Core Values

Prestigious Advantage Award—City of Torrance Office of Economic Development & Mayor’s Office
Azerspace/IS-38 Award–Space Systems/Loral
Outstanding Contribution to National Defense–US Air Force Research Laboratory
Three-Star Supplier Award–Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems
Six Sigma Silver Award–Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems

About Us

WELCOME TO L3Harris ELECTRON DEVICES! In 2016, L3Harris Technologies announced plans to close its Electron Devices facility in San Carlos, CA and transition its manufacturing operations to Williamsport, PA and Torrance, CA. The consolidation, part of the company’s ongoing strategic effort to increase efficiencies across its operations is now complete.

L3Harris Electron Devices (L3Harris EDD) is a leading provider of microwave amplifiers, sources, and related products. Our ISO-9001 certified facilities in Torrance, CA and Williamsport, PA, produce a wide variety of products for space, defense and commercial applications. In the space market, we serve both the government and commercial segments with products for communications and radar. In the defense market we provide products critical to airborne, naval, and ground-based communications, radar, and EW systems. In the commercial market, applications include industrial heating and processing, medical, instrumentation, simulation, scientific, and broadcast. Our products include: Electric Propulsion, Electronic Power Conditioners, Traveling Wave Tubes (TWTs), Traveling Wave Tube Amplifiers (TWTAs), Microwave Power Modules (MPMs), Crossed-Field Amplifiers (CFAs) and Linear Accelerators: Inductive Output Tubes (IOTs), Electron Emitters (e-guns), Klystrons, Magnetrons and Thyratrons.

L3Harris EDD is a leading provider of high-reliability components and subsystems to military, civilian and commercial customers.

  • Two Engineering and Manufacturing Facilities

    • Locations: Torrance, CA & Williamsport, PA

    • Size: >750,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space (both locations)

  • Employees: >700 (both locations)

  • Certifications: ISO 9001:2008, AS9100C