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Explore the International Flight Training Student Experience

As a student in L3 Doss Aviation’s International Flight Training program, your training to becoming a pilot is exciting, challenging and rewarding.

Whether your program is at an L3 Doss Aviation flight school in the U.S. or in your home country, student aviators in our highly-structured International Flight Training program start with ground school, an immersive environment of academic instruction taught by our elite cadre of former military and civilian flight instructors.

After meeting your unique program requirements and standards, you will progress to pilot training in the aircraft, mastering basic and advanced required procedures specific to your country’s military flight requirements. All students progress through a structured series of military flight operations before successfully graduating.

As a student attending an L3 Doss Aviation flight school, we support your journey to becoming a highly-trained, proficient aviator with our dedicated International Military Student Office.

Your participation in the L3 Doss Aviation International Flight Training program also is a time to meet other students who share your goals of successfully completing flight training – and becoming a military aviator.