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L3 Doss Aviation provides comprehensive pilot training in a military-like environment to prepare international air force and army students for careers as military aviators. We work with customers around the world to tailor our training programs to meet their country’s flight rules and requirements, using as the foundation our proven Initial Flight Training and Military Rotary-Wing Flight Training programs. 

Our flight program in Pueblo, Colorado, is a highly-structured training environment modeled after the U.S. Air Force Undergraduate Pilot Training and supported by our elite cadre of former military and civilian flight instructors. At our world-class facility in Pueblo on a 48-acre campus, we operate a fleet of Diamond Aircraft DA-20s. This unique contractor owned, contractor operated world-class training center prepares student pilots to enter the next phase of their formal military flight training. We provide dedicated, on-site support to international students at our International Military Student Office.

For rotary-wing flight students, specialized pilot instruction is provided by L3 Doss Aviation at Fort Rucker, Alabama, utilizing the latest training systems and technologies on UH-60, AH-64, and CH-47 aircraft.

And, for customers who require fully-complete, immersive flight training operations in your country, L3 Doss Aviation has proven expertise in establishing fully-complete military aviator flight schools.

To learn more about our International Flight Training program and how we can meet your unique requirements with scalable, turnkey flight training at our world-class training center in Pueblo, Colorado – or by establishing similar operations anywhere in the world, kindly reach out to our team. Contact L3 Doss Aviation

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