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Satellite Ground Systems

L3 Datron has been a well known worldwide supplier of high performance, single and multi-band antenna systems for telemetry, RSS/TT&C and communication applications for over 40 years.  We have produced and installed many thousands of flyaway, ship based, transportable, airborne, fixed and satellite communications on the move (SOTM) antennas / terminals for multiple institutional and commercial customers worldwide. Our customers are leaders in their industries and we have a long standing history of satisfying demanding requirements with practical solutions, delivered on time and on budget.  What we've done for them, we can do for you.

L3 Datron is accomplished in providing turn turnkey Earth stations and RF systems solutions for institutional and commercial satellite operators worldwide.  Below, shows a typical Ground Station we would provide.

Datron has utilized its experience in providing precision high performance and high accuracy satellite antennas to develop its FMG (Full Motion GEO) satellite ground station product line. Datron is accomplished in designing full turnkey Earth Stations and RF systems solutions for institutional and commercial satellite operators worldwide. Pedestal designs support 9 to 13 meter on up to 14 to 18 meter reflectors.

Elements of this typical ground station would include:

  • Antennas through baseband
  • L, S, C, X, Ku, Ka and special frequencies available
  • Installation, test, operations and maintenance support
  • Systems Engineering and Integration support
  • Mission & control software and integration
  • Network management system
  • Flight dynamics software and integration
  • Documentation support
  • Testing support
  • Training support

L3 Datron turnkey solutions approach starts with requirements definition and extends to long-term maintenance after installation. In fact, L3 Datron has long prided itself on its reputation for taking on difficult projects requiring a high degree of customization and exacting systems development.

We are dedicated to the continued development of next generation products in our traditional areas of expertise. Customization and flexibility are important elements of L3 Datron’s historical success in delivering satellite ground systems. When combined with our core technical and business competencies, L3 Datron is highly capable of engineering new applications in the communications field, leveraging our core expertise. If your requirements are unique and demanding, and off-the-shelf systems simply do not address them, we can help.

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