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Antenna Systems, RSS/TT&C

L3 Datron has been providing antenna systems for Remote Sensing Satellite Ground Receiving Stations since the early 1970’s.  We have delivered advanced antenna systems to commercial, scientific and military customers, customized to meet their specialized mission requirements.

Our fully positionable, 7° tilt, third axis is available with our RSS/TT&C systems for complete, uninterrupted hemispherical coverage (no overhead keyhole and coverage down to <5° elevation).  The systems are designed to meet the wide range of environmental demands of the modern ground station located in arctic areas, desert regions as well the tropics of Asia and South America.  We have RF solutions to meet all known RSS downlink frequencies and polarization schemes.  With advanced RF optics, we can provide multi-band configurations for both downlink and TT&C links for satellite monitoring and control.

Our most advanced Remote Sensing Antennas feature our state-of-the-art control scheme and high COTS content for lower life cycle costs and extreme reliability for missions requiring small to medium aperture (3.1 through 8.5-meter) reflectors.

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  • Series 1053 Autotracking Antenna System (3.1-meters to 4.0-meters)
  • Series 1153 Autotracking Antenna System (4.3-meters to 6.1-meters)
  • Series 1353 Autotracking Antenna System (6.1-meters to 8.5-meters)

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The legacy Remote Sensing Antennas feature our most robust antenna positioners for the extreme environmental and tracking demands of missions requiring medium to large aperture (6.1 through 13-meter) reflectors.

Systems typically include all required RF electronics such as up/down converters, transmitters, demods, matrix switches and local/remote Antenna Control terminals.  L3 Datron includes world-wide installation services for our fixed site and roof-top antenna systems with reflectors ranging from 3.1-meters through 13-meters in diameter.  We have also delivered complete mobile/transportable antenna systems ranging in size from 3.6-meters through 7.3-meters.

Please click on the selected item below for a data sheet on the three-axis Autotracking Antenna system of interest.

  • Series 1303 Autotracking Antenna System (5.5-meters to 8-meters)
  • Series 1403 Autotracking Antenna System (9-meters to 11-meters)
  • Series 1453 Autotracking Antenna System (10-meters to 13-meters)

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