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Datron Advanced Technologies provides full motion tracking antennas, systems and software for a broad range of satellite communication applications including Remote Sensing Satellite/Telemetry Tracking and Control (TT&C/RSS); Range Telemetry/Specialty Communication; Communications-on-the-Move (COTM); Airborne Broadband and Transportable/Shipboard Antenna systems addressing high bandwidth, advanced tactical communications needs.

We are experts in adapting our proven antenna systems into mission specific configurations meeting the specific needs of our customers.  Starting with a core family of robust antenna positioners, we are able assemble an RF suite designed to deliver optimal system performance while providing extremely long life with high reliability.

We offer RF solutions from UHF through Ka-Band with aperture sizes ranging from 0.3‑meters to over 20-meters in diameter.  L3 Datron antenna systems are presently operational on sites that demand flawless performance under extreme environmental conditions including high winds, arctic temperatures and the high humidity/high temperatures of the tropics.
RSS/TT&C Antenna Systems

Our full motion, three-axis antenna systems serve the Remote Sensing Satellite (RSS) and Telemetry, tracking and Control (TT&C) markets.  Typical sizes range from 3.6 to 13-meters in diameter with velocities associated with LEO missions.


Range Telemetry/Specialized Communications Antenna Systems

Our full motion, two-axis antenna systems meet the specialized needs of telemetry ranges or advanced communication needs.  Typical sizes range from 2.4 to 10-meters, with specialized solutions to 18-meters.  Systems may be configured with acquisition aides and high power transmit capability.



Our full motion, 2-axis and 3-axis antenna systems support 2-way VOiP, data, streaming video as well as tactical military and commercial radio extension while on-the-move (OTM) over the toughest terrain.  A combat proven vehicle mounted earth station (VMES) for use on wheeled and tracked vehicles. Available in multiple aperture sizes and SHF frequency bands.



Datron has been a pioneer in the field of airborne antennas for commercial, military and business class aircraft.  Our family of airborne antennas provides live in-flight television or 2-way broadband connections during climb, cruise, descent or taxi, we offer permanent and temporary installation solutions and have flown on both manned and unmanned aircraft.


Transportable/Mobile Antennas

Datron meets the demand for mobile missions by adapting our proven technology and products to tactical or commercial mobile configurations.



Datron has successfully delivered self-stabilizing, auto-tracking antenna systems providing secure communications on the majority of U.S. Naval surface ships in service today.


Satellite Ground Systems

Datron has utilized its experience in providing precision high performance and high accuracy satellite antennas to develop its FMG (Full Motion GEO) satellite ground station product line. Datron is accomplished in designing full turnkey Earth Stations and RF systems solutions for institutional and commercial satellite operators worldwide. Pedestal designs support 9 to 13 meter on up to 14 to 18 meter reflectors.


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