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Military and First Responders
AN/PSS-14 Multi Threat Locator DS (Dual Sensor)
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Specializing in threat detection technologies for military and law enforcement applications, to provide soldiers and security professionals with increased situational awareness to protect lives and critical infrastructure

  • Improved operational efficiency with technologies that also keep military and law enforcement personnel safe
  • Force protection – superior, cost-effective products for revealing hidden landmines, IEDs, and barricaded combatants
  • Humanitarian mine clearance – meets the legacy and contemporary threat detection requirements for civilian demining groups
  • First responder – enables special operations teams to efficiently and effectively allocate precious time and resources when split second decisions must be made

L3Harris is using innovative radar-based threat detection technologies to create superior, cost-effective products for revealing landmines, personnel and explosive devices hidden from plain sight. These defensive technologies provide soldiers and first responders with increased situational awareness resulting in the preservation of both military and civilian lives.

Countermine / CIED
Millions of buried landmines and IEDs threaten the safety of civilian and military personnel throughout the world. L3Harris’ mine detection technology provides an advanced, efficient method of locating buried threats in civilian areas or on the battlefield.

Drawing from extensive knowledge and experience in ground-penetrating radar, signal processing, and systems engineering, our scientists and engineers have pioneered landmine detectors for more than 20 years.

Through Wall Radar
L3Harris’ handheld technology can rapidly ascertain the presence of personnel on the opposite side of walls and barriers. This technology is designed to provide immediate situational awareness for troops in urban environments as well as assist law enforcement officers during domestic searches.

First responders put themselves in danger every day during close quarter operations, and the ability to know if a room is occupied prior to an entry makes this process safer and more efficient.

The United States Army, United States Marine Corps, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, and US Marshal’s Service are just a few clients who look to L3Harris to solve their real world challenges.