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Supplier Quality

Supplier Quality Portal

Valued L3 Technologies CSW Suppliers,

L3 CSW recognizes that strong collaborative relationships with our suppliers is vital to the quality of our product. We rely on suppliers to provide the components, products and services that L3 CSW needs to manufacture products to serve our customers, our soldiers, around the world.

The requirements documents contained within this website are incorporated into L3's purchase orders by reference. All suppliers shall provide products or services to L3 subject to these requirements, except in cases with documented approval from L3.

Your understanding of and adherence to these requirements is critical to our mutual partnership and to our continuing business relationship. Please refer any questions regarding this website to your responsible buyer or supplier quality engineer.

Supplier Quality Requirements Review (QRR)

The Supplier Quality Requirements Review (QRR) presentation is intended to introduce suppliers to L3 CSW:


Supplier Corrective Action Requests (SCARs)

L3 Suppliers are expected to respond to Supplier Corrective Actions Requests (SCARs) in a timely manner. Please see the Supplier SCAR Response & Implementation Expectations below for guidance.


SCAR delivery and expectations are communicated to suppliers via email with a SCAR attachment. To view an example of the SCAR email, please select below: