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ROVER®6S Transceiver

L3's ROVER® 6S is an upgrade to the popular, widely fielded ROVER® 6 transceiver. Expanded frequencies, additional processing resources for capability growth, Crypto Core Modernization and other enhanced features set it apart from earlier ROVER® products. This rugged and reliable transceiver transforms sensor-to-shooter networking, allowing increased levels of collaboration and interoperability with numerous manned and unmanned airborne platforms.

Notable Enhancements

  • High-definition video
  • Expanded S-Band and UHF bands
  • Cryptographic Core Modernization
  • Signal and Waveform search
  • Updated digital processing and additional waveforms
  • Improved RF performance

Key Features

  • Multiband reception and transmission
    • Five-band operation (UHF, L, S, C and Ku)
  • High definition video encoding/decoding
  • Signal and Waveform search
  • Transmit capable
    • External transmitter control
    • Transmitter amp blank and enable signal
  • Two reception channels
    • Same or different bands
    • Diversity reception from a single data source with two receive antennas
    • Two external receiver interfaces
  • Secure digital communications
    • Cryptographic Core Modernization
    • AES
  • Various powering options
    • Accepts 10 to 32 VDC
    • AC/DC battery eliminator
    • BA-5590 battery-compatible
  • Web-browser GUI control

Product Description

Designed for air, surface and maritime use, L3's ROVER® 6S transceiver provides real-time, full-motion video (FMV) and other network data for situational awareness, targeting, battle damage assessment, surveillance, relay, convoy overwatch operations and other situations where eyes-on-target are required. The ROVER® 6S Transceiver has two receiver channels. This frequency diversity provides link redundancy, robust reception and resiliency to platform shadowing, multi-path interference, line-of-sight blockages and RF interference. With an unmatched waveform set, ROVER® 6S is interoperable with virtually all large airframes, UAVs and targeting pods in theater today.

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