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Enhanced CLS 2 Omnidirectional Antenna

The Enhanced CLS 2 (E-CLS 2) antenna updates the widely fielded E-CLS antenna with capabilities to match today's electronics-heavy environments. New tunable receive channel filtering and increased output power ensure your ROVER® system will link up more reliably than ever before, bringing critical data to the warfighter.

Key Features

  • Improved performance in crowded RF environments
  • Integrated SSPA, low-noise amplifier and band-pass filtering
  • Transmit or receiver operation (not simultaneously)
  • Integrated automatic band switching
  • Tunable receive channel filtering
  • Maximum transmit power mode
  • Linear vertical polarization

Product Description

The Enhanced CLS 2 Omnidirectional Antenna receives in C, L and S Bands, and transmits in L and S Bands. This second generation has dramatically improved the ability to pick out a desired signal in the presence of other nearby interfering signals by including tunable channel filtering. On the transmit side, maximum output power mode can improve the range by as much as 50%.

The E-CLS 2 is a form, fit and function replacement for its predecessor and is compatible with both the ROVER® 6 and the ROVER® 6S transceivers.

Upgrades from E-CLS to E-CLS 2 are available.

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Export Compliance note: Acceptance of any contract, delivery of this equipment, or a quote with firm pricing is subject to verification that the customer is a U.S. person OR that an applicable export license has been received from the U.S. State Department.

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