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L3 Technologies, Inc. is a world class communications provider of secure wireless wide band products bringing over 50 years of ISR communications expertise to bear in the design of both its custom high-capability systems and its small form factor rugged transceivers, including ROVER®, VORTEX®, CMDL, and BANDIT radios.

Designed to withstand the harshest environments, our products are tested and fielded where rugged solutions are a must - whether in high altitude airborne platforms, in the harsh maritime environment, or in scorching deserts.

L3's wideband digital communications solutions are suited to your needs, whether on-the-move or fixed site, commercial or military. Let us help you solve your communication needs.

Choose a product link below to learn more about what L3 can do to keep you secure and connected in the harshest of environments.

Products A to Z

9.5" Directional Antenna 20 W GaN SSPA (Mulitband Solid-State Power Amplifier) Bandit–Miniature Dual-Band Transceiver Bandit 2x–Miniature Tri-Band Transceiver Compact Lens Antenna Compact Multi-Band Data Link (CMDL) E-CLS 2 Omnidirectional Antenna FlightLens® Player GATEKEEPER™ Interference Excision System (IES) Mini-T 2 Split Surface Terminal Equipment Mini-T 2 Transceiver Mini-T 2i (International) Transceiver Mini-T 2x Transceiver ROVER® 6 Accessory Kits ROVER® 6 Transceiver ROVER® 6i Transceiver (International) ROVER® 6S Transceiver ROVER® 6x Transceiver RPM Amplifiers STINGER 2e STINGER 2i STINGER 2x STINGER MB TACTICAL NETWORK ROVER® TACTICAL NETWORK ROVER®e TACTICAL NETWORK ROVER®2e TACTICAL NETWORK ROVER®x Tactical ROVER® CLS Antenna Tactical ROVER® Ku Antenna TACTICAL ROVER®e TACTICAL ROVER®p VORTEX® VORTEX®i VORTEX®x Wideband Programable Modem (WPM-1000)