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Looking for ROVER® Product Update Information?

Contact ROVER.CSW@L3Harris.com or call 1-833-L3 ROVER (833-537-6837) to request access to the latest software updates and configuration information for: ROVER® 4, ROVER® 5, ROVER® 6, C2 ROVER®, Tactical ROVER®-p (SIR 2.5), Tactical ROVER®-e, VORTEX, and CMDL

Please provide your name/unit/phone/email, and preferred username. Also, please describe your specific requirements and provide the name of your ROVER® POC (USG and/or L3) so we may contact them to vet your need to access this information. The vetting process may take up to a week depending on timing and availability of personnel. Note — account approval for a non .mil email address is less likely.

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