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Dan Gelston

Daniel “Dan” Gelston
L3 Technologies
President, Broadband Communications Sector
President, Communication Systems-West Division

Dan Gelston currently serves as President of L3 Technologies, Broadband Communications sector and President of Communication Systems-West division. Employing over 3,800 engineers and support staff, the sector is a recognized leader in the design and production of state-of-the-art data links, SATCOM modems, terminals, and tactical signal intercept equipment.

Mr. Gelston joined L3 Technologies with 20 years of leadership experience in the U.S. military, intelligence community and defense industry. An expert in turnaround and growth, he has led product and service businesses focused on national, homeland, and cybersecurity, and has first-hand merger and acquisition experience in both “buy/integrate” and “sell/operate” operations.

Prior to his leadership role at L3 Technologies, Mr. Gelston served as the President and CEO of Smiths Detection, Inc. In this role, he had full operational and fiduciary responsibility for a stand-alone company employing over 1,000 people and specializing in security and detection technologies. These specialized products were manufactured for the detection and identification of contraband and chemicals, biologicals, radiological materials and explosives.

Earlier in his career, Mr. Gelston was the President and CEO of Cobham‘s Tactical Communications and Surveillance SSA business, and also served as Vice Chairman of the Northrop Grumman / Cobham joint venture: Northrop Grumman Cobham Intercoms (NGCI). At Cobham, he led the sale of their global surveillance business to a private equity and served as CEO during its transition. As Vice President / General Manager at Sotera Defense Solutions, Mr. Gelston played a key role in the company‘s successful 2009 NASDAQ IPO and subsequent 2011 sale to a private equity. As the youngest director at BAE Systems, Mr. Gelston established and led the corporation‘s fastest-growing and most-profitable directorate.

Mr. Gelston‘s military experience includes active and reserve duty from 1998 to 2007. As an Armor and Military Intelligence Officer, he served both stateside and overseas.

Mr. Gelston holds a Master of Science degree in Strategic Intelligence from the National Intelligence University and graduated from Bucknell University with two Bachelor of Arts degrees in Economics and International Strategic Studies.

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