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About L3 CS-West

Visit our Contact Us Page to learn about L3 CS-West or for direct Product or Marketing support call:
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Our industry-leading workforce, facilities and wideband communication expertise enable best-in-class in five domains, including:

What is CSW's Mission?

For more than 60 years, L3 Communication Systems-West (L3 CS-West) has called Salt Lake City, Utah its headquarters. L3 CS-West is focused on the development, design, manufacturing and integration of secure networked communication solutions.

L3 CS-West is a major contractor helping the U.S. defense department plan and execute their vision for a safe world. Our designers, engineers, programmers, technicians and manufacturers all share the same philosophy to keep our nation safe.

At L3 CS-West, we're pushing the boundaries of science with this in mind: you can't manage what you can't see. We gather data, visualize it, and make it usable in real time.

We've taken large communications systems–ground-based, mobile, satellite, surveillance and reconnaissance and developed new ways to make them smaller and more capable. Some of the systems we build, that use to be about the size of a small truck, now fit in the palm of your hand, not much bigger than a smart phone. But, instead of social media and texting friends, our smart devices send mission-critical data into armed conflicts to help our troops stay safe by staying in touch with key information. Our product connects hardware and software; ground-to-air and back; people to people. We have developed better tools, smaller and more compact, doing bigger and bigger tasks with pinpoint accuracy.

L3 CS-West's capabilities create high-value, low-risk, life-saving solutions for use on sea, land, air and space.

"It is not an exaggeration to say that the technologies created and built by Communication Systems-West have won battles for the United States and equally as important saved countless American lives."

–The Honorable Orrin Hatch, United States Senator
Comments from the Congressional Record
109th Congress, January 25, 2006

CS-West Awards include:

L3 Communication Systems-West (L3 CS-West) is a Salt Lake City, Utah-based division of L3 Technologies. With over a million square feet of engineering and production facilities, L3 CS-West is certified AS9100, ISO-9001 and CMMI Level III facility. L3 CS-West provides wideband communication solutions for the U.S. Department of Defense and other allied governments throughout the world.

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