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Why Work at L3


A well established Utah tech company.

For more than 60 years, L3 Communication Systems-West (CS-West) has called Salt Lake City, Utah its headquarters. L3 is focused on the development, design, manufacturing and integration of secure networked communication solutions.

Keeping our nation safe.

With approximately 3,400 employees, L3 CS-West is a major contractor helping the U.S. defense department plan and execute their vision for a safe world. Our designers, engineers, programmers, technicians, and manufacturers all share the same philosophy to keep our nation safe.

Don't just take our word for it.

Quality Analyst

"My background and passion is in continuous improvement. I believe in the product my company makes, and we develop and build products that save lives and protect our country. What keeps me at L3 is the atmosphere created by my management to always be better. We are creating the continuous improvement mindset with employees and teaching them how to implement their ideas, resulting in mutual success for the employee and the future of L3." – Quality Analyst


World leader in creation and development.

At L3, we're pushing the boundaries of science with this in mind: you can't manage what you can't see. We gather data, visualize it, and make it usable in real time.

We've taken large communications systems–ground-based, mobile, satellite, surveillance and reconnaissance – and developed new ways to make them smaller and more capable. Some of the systems we build, used to be about the size of a small truck, now fit in the palm of your hand, not much bigger than a smart phone. But, instead of social media and texting friends, our smart devices send mission-critical data during armed conflicts to help our troops stay safe by staying in touch with key information. Our product connects hardware and software; ground-to-air and back; and people to people. We have developed better tools, smaller and more compact, doing bigger and bigger tasks with pinpoint accuracy.

Systems Engineer

"Until I came to work for L3 in 2001, I always worked at small companies with limited resources. I chose L3 because I wanted to learn from more experienced engineers. I found myself working alongside some of the best engineers in the industry, and I've learned so much!" – Systems Engineer

Software Engineer

"Over the last two years at L3, I've worked with our government customers on new technologies in electronic warfare and unmanned systems, replacing the human in the cockpit with software. I love creating complex systems and seeing them work. I also love solving hard problems with software, giving our country's military a very beneficial technological advantage. My career goal is to become be a senior software developer and architect. L3 gives me the opportunity to work with world-class people addressing world-changing challenges." – Software Engineer

Work/Life Balance

Healthy balance, healthy you.

We encourage a healthy balance between work and your personal life. At L3, we offer a 9/80 or 5/40 schedule allowing you to meet your personal and business needs.
Need some time away from work to travel, spend time with friends and family or to just recharge? No problem! Buy up to an extra 80 hours of vacation time with L3's Vacation Buy Program.

All new full-time employees enjoy 90 hours of paid time off for holidays and 120 hours of annual vacation hours. So take a vacation, take care of personal stuff or volunteer and remember to take care of you!

Be well at L3.

Don't sweat the small stuff. At the beginning of each year, full-time employees are credited with 40 hours of paid absence time. It's L3's way of helping you be your best.

Not feeling your best at work, no worries. Stop by our on-site wellness center (IMWELL Center), consult with a nurse practitioner, and receive care free of charge. All employees have access to campus shuttles, fitness center, on-site cafes, and L3 perks and discounts.

L3 wants you to be well and offers several flexible medical plans, vision and dental plans, flexible spending accounts, retirement savings plans, death benefits, and much more.

As always, it's important to L3 that employees can say IMWELL at L3.

Software Engineer

"As a military contractor, I love knowing I'm helping to better the lives of our troops. I'm challenged daily and given the opportunity to learn new technologies. L3 also allows for a great work-life balance, with the flexibility that fits me and my family." – Software Engineer

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