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Tactical SIGINT and Network Exploitation


CS-East has a rich heritage in the design, development, production and support of both Tactical and Strategic Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) Systems. Our tactical experience includes systems and technology for airborne manned and unmanned aircraft, as well as mounted and dismounted ground-based applications.


Our SIGINT systems are ideal for today's battlefield, which is characterized by an extremely dense signal environment. Our systems provide actionable intelligence to our warfighters when they need it.  Our systems are low SWaP and modular; ideal for small, manned or unmanned airborne, maritime, ground, and special mission platforms to perform:

  • Signal Detection/Identification¬†

  • Direction Finding/Geo-location

  • Signal Processing/Exploitation

  • Signal Analysis/Reporting
  • Emitter Mapping


  • General search system that targets unknown signals/new energy in very dense radio frequency environments

  • Radio Frequency Energy Mapper (RFEM), patented by L3 CS-East

  • COMINT & ELINT in a single, low SWaP payload: Targets both communications and non-communications (Radar) signals

  • Single-platform DF/Geo-location or multi-platform TDOA/FDOA approach

  • Automatic on-board processing

  • Real-time tasking and reporting via low-bandwidth, tactical data links

  • Field-proven in both ground-based and airborne platforms

  • Proven software algorithms hosted on COTS hardware