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Tactical Data and Network Storage

L3 CS-East is a leading supplier of high-performance data storage and archiving systems for space, airborne, surface and subsurface applications.  We are experienced in designing and producing high-performance storage systems spanning the spectrum of media choices.

Our data storage solutions include mission recorders, network storage systems, airborne and ground file server systems, embedded storage and ground exploitation systems. We provide both off-the-shelf products and customized solutions for our customers.

Our Strategic/Tactical Airborne Recorder (S/TAR™) systems are currently in operation on several U.S. tactical aircraft, including the RF-4, F-16, F-18C, F/A-18E/F, F-15, CASA 212, JAS 39, P-3C, P-8A MMA, B-52H, Predator B, RC-26 special operations and classified platforms, U.S. Aircraft Carriers and Command Ships. We are also on various platforms for the Governments of Spain, Poland, Sweden, Australia, Israel and South Korea.