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Security Systems and Integration

L3 CS-East’s diversity of skills and knowledge supporting system integration is built upon a rich history in the defense, space, civil government and cybersecurity markets with exceptional past performance in security and communications.


  • Coastal surveillance

  • Perimeter surveillance

  • Port and harbor security

  • Manned and unmanned systems

  • ISR platforms and sensors

  • Command and control centers

  • Land vehicles, mobile platforms and shelters

  • Land and maritime C4ISR suites


  • Common and open approach to securely fuse, transport, archive and disseminate information from multiple sensors into a multi-domain, Common Operating Picture

  • Provider of integrated, low risk, dependable, proven security systems

  • Emphasis on interoperability connecting maritime, air and ground nodes for military and civilian applications

  • Maintenance of real-time awareness and positioning

Opposition attacks are increasing in frequency, complication and intensity. The need for a layered, multi-domain security solution is paramount.

  • Situational awareness through visualization tools

  • A multi-layered defense approach providing an optimum, cohesive system

  • Distribution of synchronized feeds, tracking and views to all air, land and sea nodes

Border security protection providing multi-domain solutions

To learn more about the capabilities L3 provides for security systems integration please visit these websites: