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Tactical Systems & Integration

An integrated solution from L3 CS-East provides increased situational awareness and automation to support missions when performance really matters. Our systems provide our customers with the tools needed to share data securely, effectively and efficiently, while defending networks.

Our IMPACT Integrated Solutions are reliable, cost-effective and mission enhancing for the world’s most advanced platforms. They provide customers with:

  • Affordable, modular and scalable approaches tailored for specific requirements

  • Open systems technology

  • Security from external and insider threats for networks, communications and infrastructure

  • Cybersecurity and access control built into the core system architecture

  • Reliable performance and fault-tolerant architectures

  • Rapid deployment based on proven fielded designs

  • Commonality across platforms, with reduced training and logistics support costs

  • Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

L3 CS-East’s Products are Critical to Our IMPACT Integrated Solutions™

Our suite of products enable us to deliver integrated systems on time and within budget to many different customers and platforms. These products play a critical role in the overall systems delivered and,

  • Are scalable, flexible, open and configurable

  • Are applicable to a wide variety of customer needs

  • Enable advanced security architectures

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