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MarCom® Integrated Communications

Powerful, Flexible and Configurable.

Our MarCom Integrated Communications product suite enables the integration of communications equipment into an easy-to-use, maintainable system, enhancing mission performance.

  • Offers tactical conferencing features, true never-busy intercom and interoperability across different media, frequencies and encryption

  • Provides security for information and system access

  • Enhances situational awareness

  • Enables mobility within a platform or facility

  • Utilizes secure and low-latency tactical IP

Coupled with the Symphony Resource Manager, a MarCom Integrated Communications suite provides an organization with the capacity to dynamically apply communications plans to optimally support evolving missions. Operational staff do not need detailed technical knowledge of the communications equipment to be confident of immediate and accurate execution of communication plans.

Advanced Communication User Terminals

MarCom utilizes a wide variety of COTS and MOTS terminals from a variety of suppliers, as well as L3’s KITE integrated terminal family. Our KITE offers:
  • Intuitive operation

  • Mission-critical responsiveness
  • One device, access to everything

  • Advanced tactical features

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IP Solutions for Maritime Tactical Communications

IP Integrated
Core Characteristics

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SB001 A Single Voice Terminal per User SB002 Tactical
Voice Communication
SB003 MarCom®
IVCS Enabled
Natural Comms
SB004 Advantages of IP for Tactical Voice
SB005 Comm
System Integration
SB006 External Communication SB007 C4ISR Integration