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Training and Technical Documentation

Training begins with the development of a Training Plan and culminates with the presentation of training or the delivery of training materials. L3 CS-East delivers training that is comprehensive, and contains all the essential information required to operate and maintain the equipment when in operation.

Computer-Based Training (CBT)

  • Flexible Computer-Based Training, self-paced or instructor-led

  • Multiple presentation options to satisfy the complexity of subject and customer’s budget

  • Simple page turn format through high-level student interactivity

Technical documentation instructs the user how to install, operate support and maintain the equipment.

  • Web browser-based, searchable Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETM) Custom-built with latest industry standards

  • IETMs facilitate ease-of-use for customer

  • Easy to update

  • Multi-Level O&M Training

  • Organizational, Intermediate, Depot Maintenance Levels