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Integrated Logistics Support

The implementation of a fully Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) Program is a key element in a successful program.  L3 CS-East provides a comprehensive range of support services in the Integrated Logistics Support and Reliability, Maintainability and Safety (RMS) engineering fields, across a broad range of industries.

L3 CS-East has been providing ILS and RMS for over 65 years. Our customers have included the U.S. Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, other U.S. federal government agencies, our allies and leading corporations throughout the world.

L3 provides a comprehensive range of support services in the ILS field, including:

  • ILS Planning and Management

  • Maintenance Planning

  • Provisioning/Sparing Analysis

  • Level of Repair Analysis (LORA)

  • Life-Cycle Logistics Support

  • Manpower/Personnel

  • Supply Support

  • Support and Test Equipment (S&TE)
  • Technical Documentation (Manuals)

  • Training

  • Packaging, Handling, Storage and Transportation (PHS&T)

  • Facility Requirements

  • Obsolescence Management

  • Technology Refresh

  • Design Interface