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Environmental Testing Services
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Reliability, Maintainability and Safety Engineering
Systems Integration


Competencies from Component to System Design


  • High-assurance NSA-certified ASIC and FPGA development

  • High-density and high-speed board design

  • Complex rack and chassis design

  • Space-qualified, radiation-hardened design expertise

  • EMI/EMC/TEMPEST/ESD and nuclear effects expertise

  • Full EMI/EMC/TEMPEST/ESD testing services

  • Rapid prototyping


  • Digital signal processing

  • Embedded systems, real-time processing

  • Multiple OS – Microsoft® Windows, Linux/Unix, Green Hills™, VxWorks®  


  • Tactical/ruggedized design and packaging

  • Design for volume production

  • Environmental testing services

  • Mechanical analysis

  • Design and product documentation

  • Rapid prototyping


  • Digital signal processing

  • Embedded systems, real-time processing

  • Multiple OS - Microsoft® Windows, Linux/Unix, Greenhills, VxWorks

Mechanical Design & Engineering

L3 CS-East employs highly talented mechanical engineers that specialize in tactical and rugged packaging design for military, space and commercial markets, ranging from low-quantity engineering models to high-volume production builds. On-site experts utilize CAD tools to capture solid mechanical packaging designs through precise drawing and documentation techniques.

Our experienced engineers also perform mechanical and thermal analysis. This can range from simple calculations to complex computer modeling utilizing ANSYS. The mechanical engineers specialize in determining the structural integrity and/or temperature rise of the specific product under worst-case conditions. Product evaluation experience ranges from COTS to complex systems.

Rapid Prototyping

We have decades of experience providing rapid prototype, PCBs, parts, wired-assemblies and systems. Using computer-aided design 3-D models, Mentor Graphics and machine programming, our engineering team is proud to offer the following services:

  • Quick-turn Printed Circuit Board and wiring assembly fabrication

  • Electronic Assemblies

  • 3-D Color Printing

  • CNC Machining