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Turret Drive Systems

About Us

L3Harris Combat Propulsion Systems, located in Muskegon, Michigan, is an industry leader in the design, development, manufacture, remanufacture, assembly, test, and post-production support of military engines, transmissions, suspensions and turret drive systems. The large facility gives L3Harris CPS the unique ability to control the entire engineering to production release cycle, assuring that a quality product is delivered to the customer on schedule.


Located 45 miles west of Grand Rapids, L3Harris CPS consists of approximately 170 acres with 886,090 square feet of manufacturing area and 100,200 square feet of office space and two test tracks.


L3Harris CPS is the only engine and transmission manufacturer within the L3Harris family and the only engine and transmission manufacturer under one roof in the United States. L3Harris CPS has the capacity to meet any demand.


The facility is currently registered by NQA to the ISO 9001-2015 standard. Muskegon maintained on-site calibration capability with the calibration system compliant with the current ISO standard.


The main plant consists, in part, of: abrasive blasting machines, 20,000 square-foot heat treat facility with 19 furnaces, a 16,000 square-foot welding area, 4 paint booths (one of which is an automotive type drive-through booth), and 62,000 square-feet of assembly areas for transmission and engine manufacturing. Machining of components consists of 100,000 square-feet with numerous machining centers. There is also 70,000 square-feet of test cell area.


Engineering tools and facilities include: Pro/E CAD workstations, simulation software, prototype machine shop, prototype assembly area, testing facilities for engine, transmission and suspension units, including full power engine dynamometer and power pack testing. A vehicle build area and test track are available for supporting programs that require vehicle integration or testing.


There are two test tracks located on 93 acres within the 170 acre manufacturing site. The North Track is 3.5 miles long and has a sand surface, hilly terrain and a mud pit. The South Track is 1.5 miles long and has a sand surface with flat terrain. Test facilities in the main plant consist of one cold temperature chamber, one shock and vibration test cell, and one electronics lab, as well as four production and three experimental 1500hp diesel engine test cells, one Mud Test cell, two power pack ground hop cells, one chromatograph, two tensile/compression testers and five large magna flux and turret drive lab build areas.