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UHF Transceivers

C/TT-505 UHF Command Telemetry Data Transceiver for Proximity Links

Model C/TT-505 UHF Command Telemetry Transceiver is designed to provide a wireless RF link between two orbiting spacecraft or other crafts such as a Lander on the surface of Mars, and an Orbiter craft orbiting above. The purpose of these transceivers is to facilitate the passing of data and commands between the two craft. One UHF transceiver is required for each vehicle i.e., one for the Lander and another for the Orbiter. Contact Business Development and request a data sheet

C/TT-510 UHF Reconfigurable Command Telemetry Data Transceiver Lite (Electra Lite)

Model C/TT-510 Electra Lite retains the core functionality, performance and reprogrammability of the Electra transceiver while also providing a significant savings of volume and mass. Switching from Electra's post-launch reconfigurable full-duplex or half-duplex modes to full-duplex or half-duplex configurable at the time of manufacture provides a mass saving of 40% and volume savings of 50%. Thus, the Electra Lite is ideal for a Lander portion of a proximity communications system. Contact Business Development and request a data sheet