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L3 Cincinnati Electronics (L3 CE) continues to broaden its offering of TDRSS-compatible receivers and transmitters. Virtually any TDRSS forward or return service can be utilized with the following products. All TDRSS products have been live-link tested with the TDRSS constellation to insure compatibility.

C/TT-520 S-Band Multimode Transponder

Model C/TT-520 is an S-Band Multimode Transponder providing full-duplex communications with a variety of NASA networks and protocols. Compatible systems include the Tracking and Data Relay Satellite System (TDRSS) Space Network (SN), the NASA Ground Network (GN), the NASA Deep Space Network (DSN), and the Universal Space Network (USN). Also supported, the Common Communications for Visiting Vehicles (C2V2) protocol used on the International Space Station. The C/TT-520 is a flexible hardware and firmware solution adaptable to a variety of missions and applications. Contact Business Development and request a data sheet

CR-312 S-Band Dual-Mode TDRSS/BPSK Digital Command Receiver

Model CR-312 is a S-Band TDRSS/BPSK digital command receiver featuring advanced digital signal processing techniques implemented in radiation hardened Field-Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA). This digitally based design approach delivers superior, repeatable receiver performance and reliable operation over the entire range of signal dynamics and environmental conditions experienced in the space flight environment. Despreading, carrier acquisition, doppler tracking, carrier demodulation and bit synchronization are all performed digitally to produce the baseband data and clock output. Additionally, the receiver features auto-modulation and data-rate-detection capabilities. Contact Business Development and request a data sheet

T-715 S-Band TDRSS MA/SA Telemetry Transmitter

Model T-715 is S-Band TDRSS Multiple Access-compatible telemetry transmitter. The unit is compatible with TDRSS Data Group 1 Mode 2 and Data Group 2 modes. Offering commandable forward error-correction and pseudo-random (PR) spreading, the T-715 provides flexibility for various mission scenarios. Weighing less than 5 lbs. with an RF output power greater than 38 dBm, the T-715 can also be factory-tuned in frequency to operate with one of the many TDRSS single access S-Band telemetry channels. Contact Business Development and request a data sheet

T-719 S-Band Configurable TDRSS/QPSK Telemetry Transmitter

Model T-719 is a S-Band dual-mode TDRSS/GN transmitter compatible with TDRSS SA SQPN return service. The transmitter is unique in the fact that it can be commanded into a GN BPSK/QPSK mode or a simultaneous TDRSS SQPN and GN BPSK mode. The unit has commandable rate 1/2 forward error-correction along with either single-channel or dual-channel SQPN operation. The SSPA delivers 5 Watts EOL at that output of a transmit filter limits emissions. Contact Business Development and request a data sheet

T-720 Ku-Band TDRSS Compatible Transmitter

Model T-720 is the first-generation Ku-Band TDRSS-compatible transmitter building upon an extensive X-Band product heritage by adding an upconverter to a heritage X-Band modulator. This unit is optimized for the TDRSS Ku-Band Single Access (KuSA) Return Service centered at 15.0034 GHz. Customizable to virtually any data rate supported by KuSA Return Service, the T-720 offers extraordinary flexibility. The unit can be configured with a 10 Watt (EOL) SSPA or with a 10 dBm output to drive a TWTA. Commandable rate 1/2 FEC and NRZ-L to NRZ-M data conversion are also supported. Contact Business Development and request a data sheet