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L3 Cincinnati Electronics (L3 CE) offers a wide choice of modulators and transmitters for spacecraft ranging from X-Band to Ku-Band. All the products listed below can be customized to specific user requirements.

xbtx X-Band Transmitter (XBTX)

The X-Band Transmitter (XBTX) is an X-Band modulator/transmitter specifically designed for use in spacecraft and satellite telemetry and mission data systems. The XBTX provides a number of design enhancements, including advanced high-speed digital data processing, modulation and filtering techniques, adaptable frequency upconversion, analog filtering methods and high-efficiency Gallium Nitride (GaN) RF power amplification. The combination of these features makes the XBTX an attractive and flexible downlink solution for high-bandwidth, high order modulation links, as well as low data rate and kilobits-per-second telemetry links.

T-708 X-Band QPSK Data Modulator

Model T-708 is a QPSK or OQPSK X-Band modulator with a 4 mW output to drive a high-power TWTA. The unit features commandable data rates of 15 Mbps and 150 Mbps via a redundant high-speed PECL interface. Contact Business Development and request a data sheet

T-712 X-Band High-Rate QPSK Transmitter with PECL Interface

Model T-712 is a QPSK or OQPSK high-rate transmitter designed for spacecraft/satellites where large volumes of payload data must be transmitted. This unit employs a solid-state power amplifier design capable of delivering a nominal 6-watt output, and can be commanded "ON" and "OFF". A redundant high-speed PECL interface is standard. Contact Business Development and request a data sheet

T-717 X-Band 300 Mbps QPSK Transmitter with LVDS Interface

Model T-717 is a QPSK or OQPSK high-rate transmitter with a parallel LVDS interface. The unit is optimized for the 8.0 to 8.4 GHz band and maintains an EOL output power of 8 Watts. The solid-state power amplifier contains a bandpass filter providing NTIA spectral emissions compliance. Using the LVDS interface, the unit is designed for data rates up to 150 Mbps per channel (I and Q) with NRZ-L to NRZ-M conversion. Additionally, at less than 8.5 lb., the T-717 is designed for mission durations greater than 5 years with a minimum tolerance of 60 kRad behind 100 mils of shielding. Contact Business Development and request a data sheet

T-720 Ku-Band TDRSS Compatible Transmitter

Model T-720 is the first-generation Ku-Band TDRSS-compatible transmitter built upon an extensive X-Band product heritage by adding an up-converter to a heritage X-Band modulator. This unit is optimized for the TDRSS Ku-Band Single Access (KuSA) Return Service centered at 15.0034 GHz. Customizable to virtually any data rate supported by KuSA Return Service, the T-720 offers extraordinary flexibility. The unit can be configured with a 10 Watt (EOL) SSPA or with a 10 dBm output to drive a TWTA. Commandable rate 1/2 FEC and NRZ-L to NRZ-M data conversion are also supported. Contact Business Development and request a data sheet

T-722 X-Band 400 Mbps Secure QPSK Transmitter with LVDS Interface

Model T-722 OQPSK secure wideband X-Band transmitter builds upon an extensive line of heritage X-Band heritage products to offer a unit with a 400 Mbps data rate. The unit features a high-speed parallel LVDS interface, embedded 128 or 256 bit AES encryption, commandable Reed-Solomon encoding with flow control, and an 8 Watt SSPA that is adjustable by command in 0.5 dB steps. Contact Business Development and request a data sheet