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L3 Cincinnati Electronics is a world-leader in range safety protection.  Applications include missiles, unmanned aerial vehicles, heliostats and decoys.  L3 CE is the provider of the next-generation flight termination receiver.


Our Range Safety Receivers are available in a series of designs for specific launch applications. L3 CE Range Safety Receivers have been used during all major U.S. Space launches - including the Space Shuttle - and on Minuteman and Peacekeeper test flights as well as other earlier missions. The complete product list for this category includes:

CRD-124/207 High-Alphabet Command Receiver/Decoder

Model CRD-124/207 Command Receiver/Decoder was developed specifically to operate on the solid-rocket boosters (SRB) during launch of the Space Shuttle. The unit is designed to replace the now obsolete Model CRD-111/202, and incorporates all the functions performed previously by the distributor units on the SRB. The new CRD-124/207 Command Receiver/Decoder receives radio frequency (RF) commands, discriminates and decodes them, sends and receives hardwired commands for cross-strapping, and implements ordinance initiation output. This CRD unit also provides the command interface for the Range Safety System (RSS), safe and arm (S&A) device, and provides command status and performance data to the measurement system. Contact Business Development and request a data sheet

CR-128 EFTS Command Receiver for Missiles and Remote Control

Model CR-128 Command Receiver is a compact, cost-effective range safety receiver/flight termination receiver designed specifically for missile and remote control applications. The next-generation receiver is specifically designed for the Enhanced Flight Termination System (EFTS). Lightweight, low-power, small-volume (3.7 in3), and configurable digital processing with embedded COMSEC (3DES) make the receiver ideal for numerous data link applications. Contact Business Development and request a data sheet

CR-123 Cost-Effective IRIG Command Receiver/Decoder

Model CR-123 is a compact, cost-effective Command Receiver developed specifically for range safety flight termination applications on vehicles utilizing the IRIG tone format. This design incorporates "Hi-Rel" components and sufficient redundant circuitry to ensure reliable, fail-safe operation. The unit was engineered to be a cost-efficient means of meeting the ELV parts program. Contact Business Development and request a data sheet

CRD-126 Heavy Lift Vehicle Command Receiver/Decoder

Model CRD-126 Command Receiver/Decoder is designed for range safety flight termination applications on Heavy Launch Vehicles that require advanced monitoring and switching features. The CRD-126 is compatible with range telemetry and meets security requirements. Contact Business Development and request a data sheet


ADU-208 Auto-Destruct Subassembly

The L3 Cincinnati Electronics’ Model ADU-208 flight termination system automatic destruct unit was designed to provide a means to automatically terminate powered elements during inadvertent separation or launch vehicle breakup. Contact Business Development and request a data sheet