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Situational Awareness

Situational Awareness (SA) systems are critical in warfighting, crime prevention, thwarting terrorist efforts and border security. 

SA is utilized to secure borders from illegal trafficking, to monitor supply line routes against the placement of roadside bombs, to provide our warfighters the tools they need to alert them to potential threats, and to identify and defeat the enemy, day or night. 

L3 Cincinnati Electronics provides high-end, cooled thermal imaging systems where enhanced range, resolution and detection sensitivity are mission critical. Our infrared (IR) technologies penetrate battlefield obscurants and adverse weather; and our onboard algorithms reduce image noise, provide auto-focus and stabilize the image real time. This both provides personnel with the most tactically useful imagery as events unfold, and reduces the Processing, Exploitation and Dissemination (PED) load to downstream systems. 

We provide solutions for both fixed monitoring stations and dynamic locations on the battlefield, in both standard and 360 degree viewing solutions.  Our full suite of video processing capabilities is embedded in close proximity to the sensor, which allows for full frame-rate processing with the lowest possible latency.

360° High-Definition (HD) Infrared Imaging Systems

L3 Cincinnati Electronics' (L3 CE) 360HD Infrared Imaging System provides a full 360° panoramic video with 30 megapixel resolution, and is easily configured for a wide variety of maritime and land platforms. The touchscreen Graphical User Interface (GUI) has multiple display modes and can be adapted to best suit the application and operator preference. An integral part of autonomous systems, the 360HD Infrared Imaging System provides the only covert option for nighttime long-range situational awareness, navigation and combat Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR). Contact Business Development and request a data sheet

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