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Infrared Video Processing

Advanced Infrared Video Processing Features: 

Atmospheric Turbulence Mitigation compensates for the blurring and warping caused by turbulence in the atmosphere, restoring resolution and true scene geometry
Image Before Processing Image After Processing
Super-Resolution overcomes aliasing, blur and noise to increase resolution beyond the native resolution, offered by the detector
Image Before Processing Image After Processing
Local Area Contrast Enhancement increases the amount of local detail displayed to the user by appropriately scaling each pixel relative to its local neighborhood
Image Before Processing Image After Processing
Local Area Contrast Normal Local Area Contrast Enhanced

Adaptive Temporal Noise Reduction reduces temporal noise in the video output without causing the blur that limits alternative noise reduction approaches 

Additional Processing Features Include: 

Edge Enhancement improves the apparent sharpness of an image by boosting the contrast of edges in the imagery 

Electronic Image Stabilization compensates for jitter in a video sequence, providing stabilized video output and remaining responsive to intentional user panning 

Auto-Focus automatically adjusts the lens focus to its optimal in-focus position 

Electronic Zoom uses interpolation to produce an enlarged image on the video display 

Non-Uniformity Correction compensates for detector-to-detector non-uniformity to provide a well-calibrated image output

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