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EO/IR Surveillance Systems

Multi-sensor systems for perimeter surveillance, security and force protection are available in a variety of lens and sensor combinations, and can be customized to meet any mobile or stationary mission requirement. These systems may be operated independently or in a fully integrated sensor network.

L3 Cincinnati Electronics provides a variety of high-performance mid-wave (3.5 to 5.0 µm) cooled IR imaging systems based on our patented InSb focal plane array architecture. These systems can be utilized in urban, rural and remote situations where there are extreme climatic and terrain conditions and are well-suited for fixed or portable payloads.

NightHawk HP

L3 Cincinnati Electronics (L3 CE) NightHawk HP (high-performance) modular EO/IR multi-sensor suite is a plug-and-play, open architecture, mission-configurable, day/night surveillance system. Available with multiple sensor and lens combinations, the system offers extraordinary flexibility to meet various range capabilities. Employing field-proven design elements, NightHawk HP provides utility and performance for the most demanding applications. Contact Business Development and request a data sheet