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Environmental Simulation

L3 Cincinnati Electronics (L3 CE) simulated environmental testing and stress screening are essential in ensuring products perform as expected over a wide range of environmental conditions. L3 CE Environmental Simulation Test Laboratory specializes in the testing of products over the complete range of service environments. Examples include temperature cycling, humidity, vibration, shock, salt/fog and altitude.

L3 CE, with over 40 years of Aerospace, Aviation and Defense testing experience, can offer a variety of knowledgeable, professional and confidential services. Those advanced services ensure the product will withstand the highly demanding environmental conditions for which they were intended to be deployed.


  • Climatic Testing - Temperture and Humidity, Altitude (Low Pressure) and Temperature Cycling
  • Vibration and Shock Testing - Two T1000 Unholtz Dickie Shakers with slip plates, D300 Ling Shaker with slip plate
  • Environmental Stress Screening - Thermal Shock
  • Please contact Environmental Services for complete capabilities
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