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Lightweight Tracking Mount (LTM)
View the data sheet (pdf)
View the data sheet (pdf)

The reliability, speed and precision tracking capabilities of the Kineto Tracking Mount in a lightweight mount.

Designed for remote operation, the two-axis gimbal assembly is proven in the harshest environments for high speed, precision tracking. The mount can accommodate multiple sensors and a 230 pound payload. The field-proven Digital Control System (DCS) provides superior control and commonality with other L3 range instruments.


  • Ruggedized with weather-tight seals designed to withstand harsh range environments

  • Extremely high position and tracking accuracy for calculating TSPI solutions

  • Direct-drive motors for smooth, tracking

  • DCS permits remote operation

  • Unlimited azimuth rotation; dump capability in elevation

  • Accommodates significant payload

  • Compact, flexible, easy to install

For more information, please contact L3 Brashear via email at Sales.Brashear@L3t.com